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 Roofing Maintenance 

Just like most big purchases such as cars and homes, roofs need preventive maintenance too.  This preventive maintenance generally means one or two inspections per year of the actual roof.  If a building owner is comfortable with doing basic inspections themselves, here are a few items that they should check for:

  • Check for open seams between the sheets of membrane
  • Check for ponding water (can cause plant growth and also turns to ice in the winter which can damage the roofing membrane)
  • Clean out debris around roof drain (may help with ponding water)
  • Check exposed fasteners
  • Check roof penetration flashings
  • Check caulking on metal counter-flashings, termination bars, coping joints, and edge flashing at gutters.
  • Check for debris left by other trades (generally, manufacturers will not cover damage caused by others)

The above are just a few basic items a building owner can keep an eye on that will help prolong the life of their roof.

If a building owner does not feel comfortable with the height of their roof or does not have the knowledge of what to check, please contact us.  We will be happy to explain the different maintenance programs and recommend one to fit your needs.

Being enrolled in our annual roof maintenance program will help a building owner protect their investment.  By monitoring a roofs condition, generally minor issues remain minor.  It helps prevent a small problem turning into a larger problem such as insulation damage as well as structural damage, therefore saving the building owner money in more costly building repairs.  



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